Who are



C.V.C.R. Ltd. is a company that specializes in repairs, servicing and mechanical maintenance, born in Lecco, alongside the well established CVC Ltd., which has been operating in the construction and manufacturing of mechanical parts for third parties.
We are proud to offer specific expertise on machinery used in the various process steps in the manufactory of bolts, proposing our company as a partner for:

  • Repair, servicing and maintenance of machinery used in processing raw materials (such as wire drawing bullblocks and uncoilers);
  • Repair, servicing and maintenance of equipment used in the various stages of molding and rolling (cold formers, warm formers, progressive headers, combined headers, thread rolling machines, crimping machines, shank slotters, tapping machines, etc.).
  • Repair, servicing and maintenance of equipment used in the selection and assembling (sorting machines, palletizers, boxes forming  and packaging machines);
  • Repair, servicing and maintenance of hydraulic  and pneumatic systems;
  • Modifications and customizations of various kinds according to customer requests;
  • Maintenance and/or preventive inspections required for obtaining ISO quality certifications;
  • Installation and moving of machinery;
  • Custom production of spare parts starting from drawings or samples.

We aim to offer our customers a complete package, including mechanical assistance and spare parts, extremely attractive for price and fast delivery, developing a winning synergy in problem solving.